Chad Hainley


Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.Conan O’Brien

About Chad – Written by Mario Lamar
Chad is not only the kind of man who delivers on his promises, he gives more than you expect. I learned this in the Fall of our 2L year at SMU law, when due to Chad’s promise of free food, I attended a Sports Law meeting. I had known him for almost a year, so I was surprised when he stood up at the front of the room and introduced himself as President. That’s another thing you should know about Chad, he’s humble like that. Chad then announced the guest speaker, head Legal Counsel for the Dallas Stars. He knew that I played hockey my whole life and was a die hard Stars fan, which is the real reason he had invited me to the meeting. Chad didn’t think it was a big deal, but then again that’s just the kind of friend he is.

Over the next two years, we became close. Chad was in all of my oil and gas courses (he enrolled in all the oil and gas classes SMU offered). Then, we were lucky enough to clerk at WA together. During this time, I learned that everything about Chad’s character –from his friendliness to his dedication to the profession – can be traced to the tiny Pennsylvania town he grew up in. He witnessed the growing shale boom transforming people’s lives. His father is still a dentist there and provides free dental work to the Amish in the area – always happy to accept baked goods in for his services.

Chad’s roots explain who he is as a lawyer almost as well as his actions. He is humble, yet takes action. He is honest, and a trustworthy friend. Most of all, Chad cares deeply about helping people and his community.


  • B.S., Management, the Smeal College of Business, the Pennsylvania State University, 2013
  • J.D., Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law, 2016
  • President of the SMU Sports and Entertainment Law Association, 2014-2016